Woodpeckers From Space


The Invasion of the Spacepeckers

Adam, Fleisner



hey man
what's you? It's a woodpecker from space.
Woodpeckers from space
woodpeckers from space.

When I woke up with a shock I didn't know the reason why.
Still dark outside but yet a light and I heard a funny cry.
I was jumping out of bed and bumped my head against the door.
By the time I was okay
I heard that funny cry once more.

Woodpeckers from space
just can't believe it.
Woodpeckers from space
how do you do?

It was a funny looking bird and he stood right before my eyes.
With a space suit and a laser-gun he was only passing by.
I was looking at a spacebird
he was right in front of me.
I was hypnotized by his eyes
and he told me where he wants to be.

Don't be afraid but take me to the hottest spot in town
'Cause we like to move our body on that incredibal funky sound.
I took him down to the boogie ground
and we really had a lot of fun.
I said listen everybody do the woodpecker-boogie

Come on
let's have some fun.

Do you feel allright
do you feel okay?
I'm your woodpecker from space.
Start snapping
start rapping

everybody likes woodpecker rapping.
Woodpeckers from space
just can't believe it. . . .